As we here in Atlanta ponder what driving life looks like “post bridge-aggedon” it helps to take a pause.

Breath deep.  Feel your patience growing.

Namaste Batman…. There ya go.  Breathe….

If the Joker can find some peace, can you?

So, here’s a nifty Kickstarter campaign idea which goes a long way to helping us all cope, in just a small way, out there on the road:

And here’s where ya’ can pick one up!


You’ve got to think, “what can I be doing to help make my commute better?”  It’s the pay-it-forward principle (which is totally counter human nature), whereby you get back what you send out.  This definitely applies to driving in Atlanta traffic, where there are dozens of wrecks each and every day from people “racing each other” to make it there three (3) seconds faster than the other  girl.

So, Atlanta commuters, next time you’re stuck and moving slower than thick molasses on I-285 – probably today! – take a moment during your drive to thank that person who just let you jam in at the last minute because you were oh-so-much busier than them.  Give them a passing wave (with your whole hand and not just one finger) to say “thanks!”


It’s commuting day #3 of many more to come.


-= Tq2 =-