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Traptap – say goodbye to Waze!

With all the distractions on the road like texting, facebooking (I think that’s a verb?!), putting on your makeup, and reading the latest news in the Wall Street Journal – yes, you know you’ve seen that person actually reading a physical newspaper.  Admit it! – Waze is one of the latest and greatest inventions to distract you while driving.

Of course we want to know what’s up ahead on the road!

Of course we want to know when there is a speed trap while driving down I-75.

But Waze, while very popular, is also very distracting.  Distractions lead to accidents.  Makes sense, right?

Now, of course you won’t be speeding down I-85 through Atlanta anytime soon, but it’s time to plan ahead!

I found this nifty little project which is a steering-wheel mounted button which flashes when there is one of  those all-important traffic hazards ahead.  You can also press the button to flag one of those hazards too.

Check it out:

Introducing the “Trap Tap”


As quoted in their fund-raising efforts on Kickstarter: “TrapTap is a simple and stylish wireless button that warns you of speed traps, red light cameras, and school zones by flashing different colors. Best yet, it has a 2-year battery life!”



So, put away your Waze as you know that it’s just as difficult to use while driving as sending a text to your Mother – one of those texts you have to think about, and correct a dozen times to make sure it says just enough, but not too much for her to send back more texts so that you have to actually carry on a conversation (via text, of course) while driving.


If you or someone you know has picked up one of theses little “Trap Tappers”, let us know how you like it by leaving a comment below….

Happy commuting!

-= Tq2 =-

Help others and be nice

As we here in Atlanta ponder what driving life looks like “post bridge-aggedon” it helps to take a pause.

Breath deep.  Feel your patience growing.

Namaste Batman…. There ya go.  Breathe….

If the Joker can find some peace, can you?

So, here’s a nifty Kickstarter campaign idea which goes a long way to helping us all cope, in just a small way, out there on the road:

And here’s where ya’ can pick one up!


You’ve got to think, “what can I be doing to help make my commute better?”  It’s the pay-it-forward principle (which is totally counter human nature), whereby you get back what you send out.  This definitely applies to driving in Atlanta traffic, where there are dozens of wrecks each and every day from people “racing each other” to make it there three (3) seconds faster than the other  girl.

So, Atlanta commuters, next time you’re stuck and moving slower than thick molasses on I-285 – probably today! – take a moment during your drive to thank that person who just let you jam in at the last minute because you were oh-so-much busier than them.  Give them a passing wave (with your whole hand and not just one finger) to say “thanks!”


It’s commuting day #3 of many more to come.


-= Tq2 =-

The first Monday after, April 3rd, 2017

Good morning commuters!

It feels a bit like a bad April fools joke.  One which lasts all month.

Here’s an image of Google Maps traffic – the best mapping software on the planet in my opinion.  This is what traffic looked like last week.


atlanta traffic





I imagine you will be able to simply use this image going forward…


Turns out the estimated time to re-open the bridge is six (6) months (gasp!), or sometime early November, just in time for a rush of Thanksgiving traffic.


Happy Commuting

-= Tq2 =-

News Flash! Traffic in Atlanta is “gummed up” in both directions

It has been too long.

That I have been sitting in traffic.

Today has been an exceptionally long day in Atlanta, due in no small part to a bridge burning down.


I guess this video sums it all up.


It has been 3-years since my site was hacked and taken down by hackerz in France.  I’m bringing it back to say, Atlanta, if there wasn’t a question about it back then then now, most definitely, “Traffic Is A Quagmire!”

Later on tonight

You may or may not might

hear a voice on Channel 5

which says to just “stay alive” (out there)


drive safely.



Seriously folks, give each other a peace sign for the next…like…two days!

-= Tq2 =-